English for Specific Purposes 3

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The module is based on understanding and reading authentic scientific and occupational/vocational articles from the fields of science relevant for study courses. Based on these articles the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing in English are improved. Grammar is reviewed on the basis of these texts.

The students choose by themselves a topic that is of special interest for their work or study and write a seminar work. The seminar paper is worked out in the following manner: students search different sources (such as libraries, books, scientific magazines, Internet) and compose a corpus for their work. All the materials should be written in authentic English, (not translations). Then the students produce a glossary, a summary and notes (usually in the PowerPoint programme). After checking with the lecturer, student(s) present their paper in front of an auditorium composed of other students in the classroom and the lecturer. The presentation should take around 15-20 minutes, during which other students take notes, write down comments and questions. After the presentation questions are asked by other students, comments are offered and discussion is welcome. It is evident that this involves an interactive approach, and invites a dynamic exchange of thoughts, and prepares students for real-life situations they will find themselves in in their future work.


  • writing CV
  • building up on the expert/occupational vocabulary within the field of study
  • writing and abstract of expert or scientific articles in English
  • searching the Internet and other written sources to find needed expert, scientific or vocational text materials for their presentation in English
  • writing a glossary of technical terms in English
  • preparing a writen presentation in English within the field of their study
  • writing a PowerPoint slide presentation in English with the terminology within the field of their study
  • presenting a topic, within their field of study, in English in front of an audience
  • taking part in discussion about a topic of their choice from the field of their study in English
  • answering to ad hoc questions from the audience related to their presentation within the field of their study
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