Department of Biochemical Engineering


Višnja Gaurina Srček, PhD

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Renata Bošnir

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The Department of Biochemical Engineering is involved in all bachelor, master and doctoral courses at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology that include natural and engineering scientific disciplines in the production of traditional biotechnological products (alcohol beverages, vinegar, bakery, fodder and food yeast, starter cultures, ethanol, organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, antibiotics, steroid hormones, vitamins etc.), as well as in the area of „High-Tech“ biotechnology based on genetic engineering and hibridoma technology (monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, diagnostic agents, enzymes, antibiotics, probiotics as living drugs, therapeutic proteins, hormones, enzyme inhibitors, signal molecules, etc.) and on application of bioprocess engineering in exploitation of renewable resources for energy, biofuels and different biochemicals production. Teaching staff of the Department is involved in research activities in different scientific projects including exploitation of renewable resources for different purposes, application of integrated bioprocesses in the production of biochemicals, investigation of probiotics, prebiotics and functional starter cultures, studies of genomes and mechanisms of gene replacement in yeast, studies of mycotoxins in food and feed, improvements in application of animal and plant cell technology, studies of biologically active compounds, investigation of mutagens and antimutagens, development of bioinformatics tools in the field of genomics, proteomics and nutrigenomics, in silico evaluation of potential drugs etc. Through the international scientific projects and national scientific and technological projects, as well as through cooperation with biotechnological companies, the Department staff are involved in development of modern biotechnological processes and products in all branches of biotechnology.



Laboratories and Cabinets
Laboratory for Biology and Microbial Genetics
Laboratory for Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Microbiology and Malting and Brewing Technology
Laboratory for Cell Technology, Application and Biotransformations
Laboratory for General Microbiology and Food Microbiology
Laboratory for Antibiotic, Enzyme, Probiotic and Starter Cultures Technology
Section for Bioinformatics


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Ksenija Durgo PhD Full Professor
Jadranka Frece PhD Full Professor
Predrag Horvat PhD Full Professor
Zlatko Kniewald PhD Full Professor
Blaženka Kos PhD Full Professor
Ksenija Markov PhD Full Professor
Srđan Novak PhD Full Professor
Anita Slavica PhD Full Professor
Božidar Šantek PhD Full Professor
Jagoda Šušković PhD Full Professor
Vesna Zechner-Krpan PhD Full Professor
Toni Čvrljak mag. Full Professor
Višnja Bačun-Družina PhD Associate Professor
Sunčica Beluhan PhD Associate Professor
Višnja Gaurina Srček PhD Associate Professor
Reno Hrašćan PhD Associate Professor
Mirela Ivančić Šantek PhD Associate Professor
Vlatka Petravić Tominac PhD Associate Professor
Ivana Radojčić Redovniković PhD Associate Professor
Tonči Rezić PhD Associate Professor
Ivan-Krešimir Svetec PhD Associate Professor
Lidija Šver PhD Associate Professor
Kristina Radošević PhD Senior Scientific Associate
Ana Bielen PhD Assistant Professor
Janko Diminić PhD Assistant Professor
Andreja Leboš Pavunc PhD Assistant Professor
Jasna Novak PhD Assistant Professor
Igor Slivac PhD Assistant Professor
Anamarija Štafa PhD Assistant Professor
Tomislav Vladušić PhD Assistant Professor
Marina Cvjetko Bubalo PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Mario Novak PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Jurica Žučko PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Marija Blagović Scientific Assistant
Marina Vnučec Scientific Assistant
Damir Oros PhD Scientific Assistant
Mladen Pavlečić PhD Scientific Assistant
Antonio Starčević PhD Scientific Assistant
Marina Svetec Miklenić PhD Scientific Assistant
Antonija Trontel PhD Scientific Assistant
Ksenija Uroić PhD Scientific Assistant
Bojan Žunar PhD Scientific Assistant
Iva Čanak mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Željko Jakopović mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Deni Kostelac mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Martina Andlar mag. ing. Research Assistant
Ljiljanja Blažević Technical Associate
Lidija Buzuk Technical Associate
Vesna Jurišević Technical Associate
Ines Kuk Technical Associate
Grozdana Kuleš Technical Associate
Igor Livada Technical Associate
Nataša Tomašević Technical Associate


Name and surname Academic title Job title
John Cullum PhD Full Professor
Ivanka Pavušek PhD Full Professor
Branko Vitale PhD Senior Scientist
Marijan Bošnjak PhD Associate Professor
Anton Moser PhD Associate Professor
Jasenka Pigac PhD Associate Professor
Dušica Vujaklija PhD Associate Professor
Dušica Vujaklija PhD Associate Professor
Krešimir Gjuračić PhD Assistant Professor
Andreja Ambriović Ristov PhD Scientific Associate
Ivana Bošnjak PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Ana Butorac PhD Scientific Assistant
Alemka Jaklin Kekez Associate
Tihana Kurtović Associate
Krešo Bendelja PhD Associate
Ivan Bielen PhD Associate
Dubravko Forčić PhD Associate
Alenka Gagro PhD Associate
Beata Halassy PhD Associate
Dragomira Majhen PhD Associate
Alemka Markotić PhD Associate
Mirjana Šimić PhD Associate
Mirjana Turkalj PhD Associate
Vesna Šporec Dragović MSc Associate

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Probiotics and starter cultures 39771 (PDN), 53227 (DBPI i DMB), 53725 (DN), 53743 (D) 3
Antibiotic Technology 39781 (PDBT), 53707 (DBPI) 4
Basic of Human Physiology 32438 5
Biochemical EngIneering 39803 8
Biology 1 24139; 24161; 24195 5 (N:4)
Biology 2 24159; 24162; 24202 5 (N:4)
Biotechnological Aspects of Wine Production 39786; 53627 4
Biotechnology 1 24115 2
Biotechnology 2 32427 6
Biotechnology 4 39808 5
Biotechnology III 39805 6
Brewing Technology 53710 4
Enzyme Technology 39780 (PDBT), 53709 (DBPI) 4
Food microbiology 39782(BT) 32417(PT) 32437(N) 5
Food microbiology 3(doktorski); 5(poslijediplomski specijalistički)
Genetic Engineering 39804 4
HPLC-analysis of Low Molecular Weight Compounds 39865 3
Immunology for Nutritionists 39843 3
Microbiology 32420(BT) 64884(PT) 32431(N) 8(BT) 6(PT) 5(N)
Molecular genetics 32425 5
Technology of Vitamin and Hormone Production 39785 (PDBT) i 53713 (DBPI) 4

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Mycology 53257 3
Probiotics and starter cultures 39771 (PDN), 53227 (DBPI i DMB), 53725 (DN), 53743 (D) 3
Bacteriology 53259 3
Basics of Tissue Engineering 66748 2
Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Techniques 53616 8
Biogas Production from Raw Materials 66747 4
Bioinformatics 33007 4
Bioprocess Design 53694 4
Bioprocess Kinetics 53223 6
Biotechnological Vinegar Production 66746 4
Biotransformations 53268 3
Ecogenetic Studies 33004 2
Gene Therapy 3
Genetics of Eukaryotes 31704 4
Genetics of Industrial Organisms 53262 3
GMOs in Food Production 53261 3
Gut Microflora, Nutrition and Health 54283 (DN), 54284 (DUSH) 4
Human Physiology 53266 4
Immunology 53242 4
Interaction of Molecules and Receptors 53260 2
Isolation and Purification of Biotechnology Products 53650 6
Mechanisms of Evolution 53256 3
Microbial Ecology 53263 3
Microbiological, Chemical and Physical Monitoring in Brewing Process 53302 3
Physiology of industrial microorganisms 53222 6
Phytoremediation 66750 3
Production of Therapeutic Proteins 53608 3
Programming in Bioinformatics 53272 2
White Biotechnology 53233 4

Courses (poslijediplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food microbiology 3(doktorski); 5(poslijediplomski specijalistički)
Sustainable development and biotechnology 3

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Advancess in biotechnological processes for lactic acid production 3
Applied proteomics 3
Biochemical engineering and bioprocess techniques 5
Bioinformatics of industrial microorganisms 3
Biotechnological preparation and improvement of food and beverages 3
Biotechnological production of algae and their metabolites 3
Ecogenetics 3
Evolution and biotechnology 3
Food microbiology 3(doktorski); 5(poslijediplomski specijalistički)
Industrial processing of renewable raw materials 3
Kinetics of biotechnological processes 5
Mechanisms and effects of biologically active compounds on cell cultures 3
Microbial ecology 5
Microbial ecology of the gastrointestinal system 3
Microbial genetics and genetic engineering 5
Molecular genetics of antibiotics biosynthesis 3
Molecular Nutrition and Genomics 5
Molecular-genetic methods in control of microbiological food safety 3
Nutrigenomics 66827 3
Plant biotechnology 3
Probiotics, prebiotics and functional starter cultures 3
Processing development in malt and beer production 3
Regulation of metabolism of industrial microorganisms 5
Scientific projects and intellectual property protection 3
Signal transduction in cells 3
Stereoselective biotransformations 3
Sustainable development and biotechnology 3
Technology and application of animal cells 3

Courses (poslijediplomski specijalistički)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food microbiology 3(doktorski); 5(poslijediplomski specijalistički)
Gut Microflora, Nutrition and Health 54283 (DN), 54284 (DUSH) 4
Indicator microorganisms in Food Quality Control 3