Advancess in biotechnological processes for lactic acid production

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Physiology of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) that possess hydrolytic and fermentative activity, utilization of renewable raw materials; selection of new types of bioreactors suitable for bioprocessess with (semi-)solid substrates; screening of methods for isolation of liquid and (semi-)solid phase from heterogeneous systems; isolation and purification of produced D- and/or L-lactic acid; implementation of integrated bioprocessess; mathematical modelling.


  1. Integrate knowledge about different industrial bioprocesses for production of D- and/or L-lactic acid.
  2. Estimate applicability of different biocatalysts, raw materials, bioreactors and down-stream systems.
  3. Critically reason and recommend integrated bioprocess for lactic acid production as well as possibility for the integrated process embedding in biorafinery.
  4. Formulate possible solutions during determination of key bioprocess parameters, recomment type of bioprocess/biorafinery that fits to particular geo-political, socio-economic and climate area, the bioprocess for production and purification of lactic acid as well as for other highvalue biochemicals.


Lectures 16
Seminar 9
Exam: Seminar X   Oral Exam X


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