Biochemical engineering and bioprocess techniques

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Course Description

The course containing three methodical units:

1) Hydrodynamic characterization of bioreactors

2) High structured mathematical models of metabolic flux and bottleneck


3) Scale-up methods in bioprocess engineering

1) Hydrodynamic characterization of bioreactors:

Measuring of mixing time, circulation time, homogenization time, its distribution, methods for evaluation (delta function and step methods, conductivity method, pH-method, photometric methods,  radioactive tracers, radio transmitter method, temperature delta and step method, single and multi-sensors systems)

2) High structured mathematical models of metabolic flux and bottleneck detection

Structuring of mathematical models of metabolic pathways, metabolic modelling of primary metabolic products - direct related and partially related to growth, as well as the modelling of secondary metabolites synthesis). Modelling of prokaryote live-cycle, NMR and MS technics as a tool for model evaluation, sensitivity analysis and error analysis.

3) Scale-up methods in bioprocess engineering

Fundamental and semi-fundamental methods, dimensional analysis and regime analysis, rules of thumb method, try and error method.


Lectures: 20 hours

Seminars: 10 hours

Description of course requirements:

Preparation and defense of written seminar and oral exam


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