Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Techniques

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  1. Fluid types and behaviours concerning bioreactor streaming regime. Molecular, turbulent and convective momentum transfer in bioreactors.
  2. Molecular, turbulent and convective heat transfer in bioreactors.
  3. Molecular, turbulent and convective (equimolar and non-equimolar) mass transfer in bioreactors.
  4. Reaction rates and limiting factors for flat plate catalitic layer.
  5. Reaction rates and limiting factors for ideal spherical catalitic particles (extended toreal systems,  pelets and flocs).
  6. Reaction rates and limiting factors for biological thin film catalitic layer.
  7. Gas solubility for biological broths and related limitation of bioprocesses.
  8. Stirred tank bioreactors.
  9. Bubbling column.
  10.  Loop reactors.
  11. Tubular bioreactors.
  12. Reactors with convective mixing, trickling layer bioreactors.
  13. Integrated bioreactor systems , scale-up procedures.


  • description and evaluation the characteristic parameters of momentum, heat and mas transfer;
  • quantification the biological reaction rates and recognition of rate limiting steps and process variables for real systems with cells, pelets and flocs;
  • description and calculation of gas solubillities for broths and evaluation of related influences on bioprocess;
  • determination, characterization and calculation of momentum, heat and mass transfer for stirred tank reactors, bubble columns, air-lift and jet bioreactors, tubular reactors, convective reactors and reactors with imobilised biomass;
  • establishing, calculation and technological menagement of integrated biotechnological processes;
  • performing of scale-up procedures
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