Biotechnological Vinegar Production

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  • Vinegar definition.  Short historical review of vinegar production. Chemical and biotechnological production of acetic acid.
  • Vinegar types, characteristic properties and classes. Geographic prevalence of vinegar types.  General technological  scheme of production plant.
  • Unit operations and equipment in production plant.
  • Raw materials, storage, broth preparation and chemical composition of broth. Inoculum preparation. White winegar production (standard concentration) by submersed-type, semicontinuous  bioprocess.
  • White vinegar submersed production (increased concentration) by combination of semicontinuous and feed-batch cultivation techniqe. High concentrated white vinegar submersed production in two-step process by combination of semicontinuous and feed-batch cultivation techniqe.
  • Vinegar production from wines, fruits (cider), malt-worth and mead-worth by semicontinuous cultivation techniqe.
  • White vinegar, cider vinegar and wine vinegar production using  imobilised biomass (in „Frings“ generator).
  • Home-made and  manufacture-type production of vinegar ( equipment, yields, degree of conversion, process effectivity).
  • Traditional production of vinegar (special types), „Aceto balsamico“, „solera“, African,  Chinese and Japanese  (rice-sake) vinegars.
  • Vinegar clarification, related agents, vinegar maturation, pressurized filtration, filtration agents, cross-flow filtration, pasterization, flavoring, sulphitation,   filling, wrapping materials, and packaging. Equipment for process measuring, monitoring, regulation and technological managing.
  • Production strains, ecological conditions (temperatures, substrate and product inhibition, dissolved oxygen concentration, complex nutritions, trace elements.


  • selection of appropriate strains for biotechnological vinegar production,
  • practical performing of submerse and cell-imobilised production of vinegar
  • practical performing of batch, semicontinuous and continuous production of vinegar
  • practice the clarification, filtration, maturation and fining of vinegar
  • performing the quallity analysis and control of vinegar production
  • practice the cleaninig, desinfection and sterilisation of production equipment
  • planning, evaluating and approbating of technological equipment
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