Microbiological, Chemical and Physical Monitoring in Brewing Process

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The microbiological threat to the brewing process. Outline of the complete brewing process indicating steps in which there is a potential for microbiological contaminations. The microflora of barley and malt. Beer-spoilage microorganisms. Wild yeast in brewing. Gram-positive and Gram-negative beer spoilage bacteria. Traditional and rapid microbiological techniques used in the detection and identification of brewery bacteria and wild yeasts. Microbiological media used in brewing laboratories. Chemical and physical properties of beer. Nutritive value of beer. Sensory changes in beer flavour during ageing (flavour stability). Sensory analysis. Physical, chemical and microbiological clearliness. Standards required within a brewing and elements of HACCP analysis. Sampling devices. Microbiological quality assurance. Disinfection of pitching yeast. Cleaning and disinfection in the brewery. CIP systems and validation of CIP.


  • point out meaning of microbiological, chemical and physical monitoring in the brewing process, in particular on potential microbial contamination spots
  • demonstrate knowledge of possible beer contaminants (wild yeasts, Gram-positive and Gram-negative brewery bacteria), and methods for their detection and elimination
  • acquirement of overall knowledge in the field of microbiology, brewing and malting technology, and engineering
  • develop an ability of scientific thinking, conclusions and arguments skills related to the field, and ability to act in an interdisciplinary context
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