Regulation of metabolism of industrial microorganisms

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Growth of microbial cells: chemical signalling and regulation of gene expression; regulation of catabolism and anabolism; effect of environmental changes on microbial growth. Communication of bacterial cell with its environment. Regulation of metabolism related to slow growth (secondary metabolism, expression of heterologous genes, biofilm, changes in metabolism during stationary and lag growth phase). Physiological aspects of animal and plant cells cultivation.

Overview of regulation mechanisms in particular producing organism (Seminar).

After completion of this Module, PhD student will be able to:

  1. Integrate knowledge from different fields of microbial physiology.
  2. Identify similarities and differences in metabolism and its regulation in different species of microorganisms.
  3. Reason and recommend experimental methods in order to investigate specific problem in field of regulation of metabolism of particular producing organism.
  4. Formulate possible solutions of technological problems by intervening in genetic and metabolic potential of producing microorganism.


Lectures 30
Seminar 10
Exam: Seminar X   Oral Exam X


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