Sustainable development and biotechnology

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Course Description

Outline of course
Current global issues (resource depletion, pollution impacts, population growth etc.)
Evolution of sustainable development thinking and principles (declarations, strategies commitment of institutions)
Sustainability in biochemical engineering (strategies in sustainable biotechnological production planning)
Sustainable energy use (energy sources, energy efficiency, energy policy)
Environmental management (ISO 14000 series, EMAS, IPPC, GRI)
Technological innovation
Sustainable consumption
Perspectives in biochemical engineering
Seminar comprises detailed study of one chapter using a practical example of the knowledge acquired.

Aim of course and specific competences (knowledge and skills) after final exam
Integral understanding of sustainable development concepts and principles
Mastering the advanced approaches towards sustainable development in industrial biotechnology
Ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams and understand professional/ethical responsibilities


Number of ECTS points: _3_____

Total number of contact hours: _30_____



Types of


lectures 15
seminars 15
laboratory practices  


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