Genetics of Industrial Organisms

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  • Properties of industrial organisms
  • Epigenetics of industrial organisms
  • Microbial diversity and metagenomics
  • Metabase analysis
  • How to change a gene?
  • Methods of directed evolution
  • Transgene cells and animals
  • Application of non-coding RNA molecules
  • Nomenclature of industrial organism genes


  • analyze mixed bacterial culture and respond to stress, bacterial growth in the extended stationary phase and formation of different mutants.
  • explain the possibilities of communication between bacteria and the creation of biofilmskreirati različite postupke za analizu metagenoma i objasniti značaj komparativne genomike i metagenomskih knjižnica
  • explain how to modify gene by chemical and / or physical mutagenic agents, locally directed mutagenesis and in vitro suppression of amber mutations
  • explain the difference between directed evolution, rational design of microorganisms in vivo by mixing DNA molecules and genomic engineering using the CRISPR-Cas9 systemkategorizirati ne kodirajuće molekule RNA i kreirati najpogodnije za funkcionalnu genomiku te terapeutsku primjenu
  • compare the known transgenic technology methods and propose their application for the needs of molecular biotechnology and pharmaceutical industryobrazložiti razliku u nomenklaturi gena prokariotskih i eukariotskih organizama
  • interpret methods of preservation and maintenance of microorganisms and cell lines
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