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Incurrence of disease involving single or several genes. The impact of evolution and gene variants on nutrigenomics. Molecular mechanisms of interactions gene and nutrient as well as nutrients and humans genotype. Nutrient impact on the regulation of gene expression. The impact of gene variants, nutritional parameters on appearance of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and cancer. Gene variants and obesity. Regulation of lysogenic genes in obesity. The impact of nutrients and genomes on appearance of chronic disease. Gene polymorphisms, nutrition, and the inflammatory response. The impact of gene variants and nutrition on appearance of cancer. The overall picture of novel scientific field functional genomics. Comparison and automatic annotation of newly sequenced human genomes with the genome of "healthy" human.


  1. Explain and define the basic concepts of genes, genomes, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics and methods for monitoring changes in the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome.
  2. Describe diseases resulting from changes in one or more human gene and explain the molecular mechanisms of interaction of genes and nutrients and nutrient consumption and genotypes.
  3. Define and describe the impact of changing genes, lifestyle and diet on the development of chronic diseases and the emergence of cancer.
  4. Explanation of comparisons and automatic annotation of various sequenced the human genome with the genomes of "common" man.


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