Animal and plant cell technology

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53245 (DMB) i 53226 (DBPI)

Course Description


  • Animal cell culture technology – its history and importance
  • Cell cultivation, cell culture media and cell growth parameters
  • Stable cell line development
  • Cell culture bioreactors  and types of cultivation process in bioreactors.
  • Down stream in cell culture technology
  • Viral vaccine and monoclonal antibody production
  • Stem cell and tissue engineering
  • New trends in animal cell technology
  • Plant cell culture technology – history and importance
  • Plant tissue and cell genetic modification
  • Genetic engineering in plants – recent developments
  • Secunddary metabolites production form plant cells and tissue
  • Coleus blumei-as a source of an organic acid
  • Bioreactors in plant cell technology


  • define and explain the role/importance of certain cell type, the composition of cell culture media, cell growing conditions and cell product in a technological process with animal and plant cells
  • explain the need for and type of genetic modification needed for development of a cell type with desired properties.
  • distinguish and explain the choice of bioreactor and cultivation conditions, depending on the cell type and the final product
  • describe and categorize the key parameters for biotechnological production of secondary metabolites using plant cell culture
  • conduct and review a simple laboratory work that involves setting up and maintaining small scale animal cell culture and plant tissue
  • interpretation of basic growth parameters during animal or plant cell cultivation.
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