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Biotransformations focusses on the applied aspects of using enzymes and living cells to manufacture useful compounds joining knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and engineering. This course is designed through three methodological units:

  1. Defining biotransformation processes and indicating its advantages in the production of organic compounds especially enantioselective ones;
  2. Biocatalytic reactions to the conversion of organic compounds within the student will be introduce to the type of biocatalyst and reaction systems for each type of reaction for the conversion of organic compounds and the ways of recycling the coenzymes;
  3. Establishing biotransformation process where students will be introduce into selection of biocatalysts, solvents and bioreactors for a typically biotransformation process and to describe key parameters for optimizing the process and possible scale-up.


  • define enzymes and whole cells biocatalyitic processes and its advantages
  • select type of biocatalysts and reaction system for production of organic compounds.
  • describe the key parameters of biocatalytic process for production of chiral compounds.
  • find and orally present scientific work in biocatalysis organic compounds
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