Plant biotechnology

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Course Description

Plant Biotechnology aims to impart understanding of the basic principles of the plant sciences and molecular biology, as well as the integration of these disciplines, to provide healthy plants in a safe environment for food, non-food, feed and health applications. This course is designed to provide students with theoretical knowledge through lectures as well as critical discussion through the seminar abut current technological developments in research with trends in the aims and needs of today’s biotechnology industries. Selected topics include the latest scientific achievements in the field of plant biotechnology: the plant cells cultivation, genetic transformation of plants; application in biotechnology, significance of plant biotechnology in agriculture, environmental protection, medicine, energy, and the production of high-value products for food and pharmaceutical as well as social, economic, ethical and / or legal aspects of plant biotechnology.


  • describe methods for obtaining and application of genetically modified plants
  • define regulatory issues for genetically modified plant production
  • explain the application of plants as bioreactors for the production of vaccines and therapeutic proteins
  • demonstrate critical knowledge in problem solving within an interdisciplinary context of biotechnological production of secondary metabolites and recombinant proteins using plant cell techniology


Lectures: 10 h

Seminars: 15 h

Examination: Seminar and oral exam


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