Technology and application of animal cells

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Culture of animal cells is widely used for production of viral vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and various therapeutic proteins. In order to obtain products of consistent quality, a development of well controlled production process is required. Using stable cell lines and optimal composition of culture media play a key role in the process. Defining and maintaining conditions during all steps of production and product formulation are to ensure the desired product quality and quantity. Research of stem cells for regeneration of damaged tissue and organ formation is another important field of mammalian cells application.

Through the practical work of this module, students will learn how to use basic laboratory equipment for the establishment and cultivation of animal as well as to monitor the main growth and metabolism parameters of animal cells in culture.


  • define in detail animal cell cultures; the role, composition and development of culture media, and explain the key physical and chemical parameters of cell culture bioprocesses
  • explain the application of cell culture for commercial production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins
  • illustrate the main regulatory issues during biopharmaceutical production with animal cell cultures
  • search literature and present case studies in the field of animal cell technology
  • demonstrate critical knowledge in problem solving  within an interdisciplinary context of animal cell technology


Lectures: 10 h

Practical work: 15 h

Examination: Seminar and oral exam


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