Food microbiology

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Microbial ecology of food. Typical processes of decay. Determination of microorganisms in food. Indicators of contamination of foods. Microorganisms and toxins relevant to human diseases. Microbial poisoning in humans caused by microbial-contaminated food. Suppression of microbial deterioration - principles and methods of protection. The water content in food and its impact on growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Natural foods protection from microorganisms. The impact of low and high temperatures on the growth and activity of microorganisms in food. Enzymes autocatalytic deterioration. Application of UV and gamma-radiation, microwaves, ultrasound and high pressure to protect foods from microbial spoilage. Microbiology original food material. Microbiology of drinking water; fermented foods; milk and milk products; red meat, meat products; poultry; eggs and egg products; fish and seafood; functional and eco-foods; spices; oilseeds; fresh fruits and vegetables; dried fruits and vegetables; honey, cereals; canned foods. Alimentary toxic, distribution, control. Microbiological criteria in controlling microbial quality of foods. GMP. HACCP. The use of starter culture in the processing and production of food. Mycotoxicogenus molds and mycotoxins in food and feed. Biofilms.


Lectures: 10 hours
Seminars: 15 hours

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Broj preuzimanja: 1215  LEARNING OUTCOMES 26.26 kB 02/09/2022 5:05 pm


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