Chemistry of Natural Products

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  • Introduction to natural products
  • Isolation, separation and determining the structure of natural products
  • Carbohydrates: nomenclature, stereochemistry of carbohydrates, reactions of carbonyl and hydroxyl group of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and   polysaccharides
  • Lipids: classification and nomenclature, characteristic reactions and representatives of certain lipid groups
  • Biosynthesis of steroids
  • Aromatic compounds: classification, chemical structure and biosynthesis, shikimic acid, tannins, coumarins, lignins, aromatic polyketides, flavonoids
  • Terpenes and terpenoides: classification, properties, biosynthesis and biological effect of important representatives
  • Prostaglandines: basic chemical structure, properties, classification, biosynthesis; role of prostaglandins as their effect in a human organism
  • Alkaloids: classification, properties, biosynthesis and biological effect of important representatives
  • Pheromones: classification, properties and role in living organisms; function of    fundamental representatives of animal and possible human pheromones


  • distinguish and classify natural products that have a significant role in different branches of biotechnology
  • interpret most important properties, basic principles of biosynthesis as a biological effect of secondary metabolites (terpenes and terpenoids, alkaloids, shikimate-lignans, polyphenols, prostaglandins, pheromones and flavonoids) and basic biomolecules (carbohydrates, lipids)
  • describe methods of isolation and identification of basic biomolecules and secondary metabolites
  • according to the given instruction, independently  perform isolations, purifications and identifications of secondary metabolites by applying common laboratory technics
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