Peptidomimetics and Pseudopeptides

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  • Natural peptides: the role and structure.
  • Mimetics of alpha-helix.
  • Mimetics of turn.
  • Mimetics of beta-sheet.
  • Ferrocene peptidomimetics.
  • Carbohydrate peptidomimetics. Petidomimetics as artificial sweeteners.
  • Structure and function of natural peptide mimetics (hormones, N-acetylglucosamine, apolipoproteins, etc)
  • Conformational analysis in solution by using the spectroscopic techniques (IR, NMR and CD spectroscopy).


  • analyse and argue how to overcome the disadvantages of the natural peptides (proteolytic instability, polarity, conformational freedom) by using adequately designed mimetics
  • analyse and identify peptide and non-peptide structures that mimic the secondary structural element (helix, sheet or turn) involved in molecular recognition
  • design and synthesis of ferrocene peptides as potential mimetics of peptide secondary structural elements
  • perform the conformational analysis of ferrocene peptidomimetics in solution by using standard spectroscopic techniques (IR, NMR and CD) with the aim to define their secondary structure
  • predict and evaluate the potential pharmacological and biotechnological application of peptidomimetics.

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