Special Topics of Green Chemistry

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The processes of green chemistry are based on 12 principles dedicated to reduction or removal of dangerous or potentialy harmful substances from the synthesis, production and application of chemical products.

Students will get familiar with the dominant trends of green program such are:

  • research in the field of catalytic and biocatalytic reactions
  • alternative reaction media
  • alternative energy-saving reaction conditions
  • design of less toxic and eco-compatible chemicals
  • search for new, harmless and renewable raw materials


  • identify the waste that is hazardous to human health and ecosystems
  • identify major sources of pollutants in the air, water and soil and their effects on health and the environment
  • identify and evaluate potentially harmful chemical substances and processes
  • identify and classify hazardous and forbidden substances (non-degradable, bioaccumulative and toxic)
  • analyze chemical processes using E-factor and atom economy approach
  • choose green non-toxic chemical substances and conduct green synthetic processes
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