Methodology of Scientific Work and Intelectual Property Protection (Graduate Study of Food Safety Management )

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  • basic characteristics of science and scientific research
  • scientific method; fundamental vs. applied research
  • information access is an area of scientific research, publications
  • primary sources of information – characteristics and classification
  • secondary and tertiary sources
  • evaluation in science (scientometrics), citation databases
  • electronic information resources
  • citing websites and web pages
  • preparation of a scientific article
  • plagiarism
  • intellectual property
  • patents and trademarks
  • commercialization of research results


  • recognize role and significance of science and scientific research
  • describe and propose reliable and the most relevant information resources, as well as options to access scientific and professional papers
  • independently review, evaluate, select and use relevant scientific literature - evaluate information and its sources critically
  • plan and conduct research procedures related with the scientific paper and master's thesis preparation
  • describe how to approach writing an academic paper and within use academic writing style
  • use diverse citation and reference styles - learn how to cite, quote, and paraphrase other sources
  • apply and support the implementation of ethical principles in science (understand plagiarism and know how to avoid it), as well in business and public relations
  • explain the intellectual property systems
  • conduct a patent search
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