Basics of Food Technology

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32429 (N), 39767 (PT)

Course Description


  1. Food technology and food labelling – Introduction.
  2. Production of fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages.
  3. Fruit products with pectin gel, canned fruit, and candied fruits. Production of sterilized vegetables, dried and frozen fruit and vegetables. Marinated vegetables.
  4. Quality and application of cereal milling products in the production of bakery, confectionery and pasta products. Technology of bakery products.
  5. Production of biscuits and cakes. Quality assessment methods in cereal food industry.
  6. Winemaking of white, red and rose wine.
  7. Alcoholic fermentation. Post fermentation processes in wine production. Methods of racking, stabilization, filtration, bottling.
  8. Sugar beet and sugarcane processing. Production of cocoa products.
  9. Candy products and sweeteners.
  10. Production of dairy products: liquid products and powdered milk.
  11. Production of fermented dairy beverages, cheese, butter and ice-cream
  12. Technology of meat production and processing. Technology of poultry production and processing.
  13. Fish and fish product processing.
  14. Technological processes in crude vegetable oil and by-products production.
  15. Oil refining and final products quality claims. Crude fats and margarine production.
  16. Industry visit (Naše klasje)
  17. Industry visit (Dukat, Zvijezda)


  • propose the food labels of different food products
  • describe raw materials and main processes in the production of bread, biscuits and crackers 
  • describe the processes in the production of milk, powdered milk, fermented dairy products, cheese, butter and ice-cream
  • describe the processes of separation, refining and hydrogenation of oil from different raw materials
  • describe the basics of fruit and vegetable preservation as well as technological processes in manufacturing of juices and jellied products from fruits and vegetables
  • describe the basic processes of production of white, red, rose and sparkling wine, and their properties
  • describe basic technological processes in the production of sugar, chocolate and candy products
  • evaluate the quality and nutritional value of food products made from different raw materials and produced using various processing techniques

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed (for FT studies):

  • Unit Operations
  • Raw Materials for Food Industry
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