Food Production –An integrated approach

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Course Technology   of cereals
Duration Lectures + Seminars + Practical work :   10+10+0= 20 hours
Course content The role of cereal macronutrients and   micronutrients in food production and nutrition. Principles of cereal food   production and types of cereal products. Effect of raw materials and   technological processes on product quality. Influence of the freezing process   on the product quality. Production of toast bread, biscuits and flat bread. Production   of fresh filled pasta. Production of novel food by grain fractionation method.   Production of nutritionally enriched cereal products. Application of vacuum   baking in production of bakery products. Development of new products with   prolonged shelf-life (freezing, bake-off technology, vacuum cooling, MAP,   cold chain technologies).
Learning outcomes

Intended learning outcomes:

• Demonstrate   a systematic understanding of the effects of processing conditions on the   quality and nutritional value of cereal based products

• Critically   analyze and evaluate conventional and modern methods of cereal processing

• Improve   existing solutions in cereal food industry by implementing scientific   approach and creativity

• Communicate   effectively with colleagues and scientific community about possibilities and   application of new technologies in development of novel cereal products


Course   structure Lectures,   consultations, and seminars
Examination Seminar   presentation and oral exam


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