Principles of Organic Food Production

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  1. The basic principles of organic agriculture and regulation of processing
  2. International and national legislation in organic food production
  3. Certification of organic food production.
  4. Organic production of cereal grains, baked goods, pasta, breakfast cereals, biscuits and cakes.
  5. Principles of organic grapes and wine production.
  6. Organic growing systems and processing of fruits and vegetables
  7. Organic dairy products.
  8. Quality, nutritive value and safety of organic food production.
  9. Sustainability of food chain.
  10. Field exercises eco-farm and facilities (Zrno, Habijanec)
  11. Seminars. Field exercises.
  12. Seminars.
  13. Seminars
  14. Oral exam


  • distinguish key law regulation in organic food production
  • compare properties of raw materials in organic and conventional processing of cereals, milk, fruits and vegetables
  • valorise the quality of organic wine and food products made of cereals, milk, fruits and vegetables
  • sketch organic food label in accordance to legislation
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