Technology of carbohydrates and confectionery products

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Significance of carbohydrate and alternative sweeteners in the diet and industrial production. Overview of technological operations in the production of sucrose from sugar beet and sugar cane. New processes in the production of carbohydrate sweeteners. Quality parameters (physico-chemical, nutritive and biological properties) and functional potential of carbohydrate and other sweeteners. By-products in carbohydrate technology and their application in the production of new products in food and other industries. Technological production processes of starch and starch derivatives, as well as nutritive starch-based sweeteners.  The role of alternative sweeteners in the production of functional food products. Sugar and sweeteners quality within the national and EU legislative.   

New technological processes in the production of cocoa and candy products and their effect on the product quality: alternative milling and grinding devices for cocoa beans, optimization of cocoa raw materials particle size for production of chocolate crumb, aroma-development devices for cocoa products, application of ultrasound and extrusion as an alternative for conching of chocolate mass, improvement and application of “green” technology in chocolate tempering, production of jelly and gummy-candies by the application of low-temperatures boiling, with or without the addition of natural fruit concentrates and aromas. Bioactive composition of cocoa and candy products (antioxidants, alkaloids, vitamins, minerals). Latest tendencies in the development of functional confectionery products (sweetners and sugar alternatives, bulking agents, fibers, bioactive ingredients). Application of by-products of food industry for the improvement of cocoa and candy products nutritive quality. Legislative and regulations related to functional confectionery products.


  • Argument the application of carbohydrate sweeteners in food industry
  • Propose the use of by-products of carbohydrates technology as raw materials for the development and production of new products in food and processing industry
  • Evaluate the quality parameters of raw materials and produced cocoa/sugar confectionery products
  • Create new functional confectionery products


10h lectures+10h seminars


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