Food Preservation Processes

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Principles of food preservation. Preservation by heat (pasteurisation, sterilization) – principles, methods and equipments. Chilling processes and equipments: mass and energetic balances, cooling media, design of chilling equipments. Preservation in controlled atmosphere. Preservation by freezing – principle, mechanism of ice formation, methods, equipments. Changes during freezing and frozen storage. Evaporation. Concentration by freezing. Membrane processes. .Drying – principle, methods, equipments. Multiphase drying. Specific methods of drying: liophylization, osmodehydration.. Food preparation for drying. Changes during drying process. Rehydration and stability of dehydrated products. Biological methods of preservation. Preservation by additives. Preservation using microwaves. High frequency energy. Introduction of new technology of food preservation.

Practice and seminars:

Preservation by heat. Preservation by low temperatures. Concentration by evaporation. Drying. Rehydration.


  • describe the principles of food preservation
  • suggest the application of the preservation process depending on the type of food.
  • determine the thermal processing conditions (time / temperature) for each type of food
  • propose a device that matches a particular conservation process
  • choose the appropriate application of certain conservation processes with regard to the preservation of quality and the satisfactory durability of food products
  • optimize process parameters for selected conservation processes taking into account the physico-chemical properties of food products

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed:

  • Unit Operations
  • Food Microbiology
  • Physical Properties of Complex Systems-Foods
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