Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Production

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  • Bacteria, viruses and parasites as sources of foodborne illnesses: sources of contamination, transmission routes, survival in foods, common foods associated to diseases, control of hazards.
  • Control of important chemical hazards
  • Hazard analysis during food preparation
  • Processing plants and food of low, medium and high risk
  • Temperature control of foods / cold chain
  • Legal requirements related to hygiene in food processing
  • Risk assessment, microbial modelling and protection of food from intentional contamination
  • Hygienic requirements related to construction of  food processing plants (outer and inner building requirements)
  • Control of suppliers, tansport vehicle, air, water and waste
  • Control of hygiene and practices of personnel in food industry
  • Sanitation practices and control
  • Principles of hygienic design of equipment
  • Pest control
  • Prerequisite programs in catering


  • describe routes of food contamination by important pathogens and the most frequent foodborne illnesses
  • relate food source and a processing/preparation method to a risk from specific hazard
  • propose control measures for prevention of ingress of hazards, growth of microorganisms and cross-contamination in food premises
  • conduct hazard analysis of selected foods
  • evaluate hygiene status and applied control measures of selected food premises
  • discuss santitation agens and practices
  • organize and control the efficency of DDD measures in food premises