Raw materials for food industry

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ECTS points:
3 i 4


Course number:
24199 i 64882

Course Description


Fruits and vegetables: Production, botanical and technological classification. Botanical, physical and chemical criteria in quality assessment of fruits and vegetables (assessment methods, Croatian quality norms). Storage conditions. Chemical composition (4 hours). Aspects of cultivation and structure of vines and grapes. Role of grapes in food industry. Grape variety. Grapes as raw material in production of wines (4 hours). Origin, production and use of wheat, rye, oats, barley, rice, corn and pearl millet.  Botanical, physical and chemical properties of cereals (laboratory methods, international standards, national quality standards). Storage of cereals. Equipment. Processing. Pests, Disinfection, desinsection, deratization. Food Quality a safety control (4 hours).

Botanical and others classifications of most important oil raw materials and their morphological structure. Basic chemical components (oil, proteins and cellulose), fatty acid share and oil properties. Differences between vegetable and animal raw materials (4 hours).

Biological and technological properties of sugar cane and beet, chemical composition, quality control, extracting, saturation and storage. Origin of cocoa tree, biological properties, chemical composition and sorts. Fermentation and quality. Storage and transportation (4 hours).

Milk-characteristics and composition (lipids, lactose, proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins) (4 hours)

Breeding lines and anatomy of domestic animals. Classification and categorization of livestock and poultry. Chicken eggs – compositon and properties.

Taxonomy of fish, shellfishes and molluscs (4 hours).


  • name botanical, physical and chemical characteristics of fruit and vegetables
  • tell the vine cultivation and composition of grapes and grape varieties
  • tell specific characteristics of raw materials for sugar production
  • describe the production of cocoa beans and specify cocoa grain quality parameters
  • recognize specify and analyse quality of raw materials for oil production
  • tell characteristics and components of milk
  • tell the species and breeds of animals
  • tell the classifications and categorization of livestock and poultry, meat and eggs
  • tell chemical composition of meat, poultry meat and chicken eggs
  • tell  taxonomy  of fish, shellfishes and molluscs

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed (for FT studies):

  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2
  • Introduction to Food Technologies