Oil and Fat Chemistry and Technology

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39794 / 53740

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Raw material evaluation criteria for edible oil processing and production of protein rich food. Expanding the raw material base. Technical-technological characteristics and microstructure of oil raw material and connection with individual production phases. Comparison and choice of technological procedures for crude oils and fats production. Cold pressed oils. Non-refined oils with accent to olive and pumpkin seed oil. Specifics of animal fats and see mammals and fish fats production. Factors determining the quality and oil cake and meal usage. Pre-refining of crude oil – conditions and dilemma. Comparison of refining processes and facilities. By-products. The influence of technological processes on oil quality and stability. Introduction to oil modification processes. Comparison of solid and plastic fats and emulsions production procedures (margarine, mayonnaise). Legislation, quality and authenticity control methods. Chemistry and technology of food deep frying and evaluation of oil and final product quality. New direction in research of lipids, oils and fats in food and diet. Modern approach to oils and fats composition and consumption. Technological projects of plant for non-refined and refined oil production.

Laboratory practice and field work, practicum, seminar.


  • sketch optimal conditions for oilseed cleaning, drying, storage and transport
  • demonstrate crude oil extraction process depending on raw material properties
  • appraise rafination processes and plants with regard to crude oil speciality
  • discuss further application of oil and fat technology byproducts
  • distinguish the oil modification processes
  • apply the appropriate analytical methods in determination of oil/fat quality, authenticity and oxidative stability
  • interpret legislation relating to oil/fat technology
  • participate (as a project team member) in the setting up of terms of reference, development of food plant design and preparation of data for other profiles of plant designers during the development of project documentation for oils and fats production plant
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