Sensory and Chemometric Evaluation of Wine

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Course number:
53748; 53294

Course Description


  • Physiology of taste, smell and sight
  • Sensory evaluation of wine
  • Main characteristics of wine: flavour, taste and colour of wine, discovery, understanding and recognition
  • Terminology of description of sensory properties of wine
  • Deficiencies, faults and diseases of wine
  • Organization of tasting (laboratory, glass, temperature and volume of sample…)
  • Sensory tests (hedonistic, descriptive, triangle test)
  • Familiarization with wine grading methods
  • Physicochemical, spectrophotometric and instrumental analyses of grapes and wines


  • interpret basic senses (taste, smell and sight)
  • use professional terminology for wine description
  • independently describe the sensory characteristics of wines (flavour components, components that influence the taste of wine, harmony between certain wine constituents)
  • evaluate the product quality, distinguish wine flavours and tastes in comparison to defective ones
  • use the methods of quantitative sensory evaluation
  • use physicochemical and instrumental methods for determination of particular wine constituents
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