Technology of fermented milk, cheese and whey protein production

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Improving the technology of fermented milk production. Types and forms of dairy cultures. Therapeutic properties of bio-fermented milks. The role of supplements in milk fermentation. Nutritional and health value of functional fermented dairy products. Goat milk fermentation. Possibilities of using novel technologies in the processing of milk used for cheese making. The role of new rennet preparations, traditional and probiotic microbial cultures and other functional additives in cheese production. The use of continuous lines in the production of certain types of cheeses. The advantages of implementing alternative, non-thermal processing methods in the processing of whey for the purpose of creating functional products from whey. Functional and biological value of whey proteins, isolation methods and possible applications.


  • Analyze the possibility of increasing the nutritional value of fermented milk
  • Define the role of new technologies in improving the production of cheese
  • Identify the possibilities of alternative utilization of whey
  • Explain the importance and the role of whey proteins and their potential applications


10 hours lecture + 10 hours seminar

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