Biodegradation of Organic Compunds

ECTS points:


Course number:
39797 (PT, BT, N); 53747 (BPI, MB, PI, USH, N)

Course Description


Lectures by methodical units:

  • Organic compounds - Origin, Persistence, Properties, Environmental Impact, Resistance to Microbial Degradation
  • Microorganisms - role in biogeochemical cycles; pure and mixed microbial cultures; microbial interaction; suspended microbial biomass, microbial biofilm; environmental and process factors
  • Biodegradation - microbial species, metabolism, degradation pathway, conditions (aerobic, anaerobic degradation)
  • Biological degradation of xenobiotics
  • Biological degradation of wastewater (eg from olive processing)
  • Biological degradation of lignin, cellulose
  • Biodegradation - landfill
  • Biodegradation - composting
  • Biological degradation of dyes, sludge, pesticides, phenols, formaldehyde
  • Legal regulation - environmental protection

Seminar by methodical units:

  • Microbial metabolism and degradation of organic compounds in nature
  • Pathway of degradation of selected organic compounds (eg chlorinated pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Organic compounds bioremediation
  • Relationship / correlation of microbial degradation rate and chemical structure


  • learn about aerobic and anaerobic degradation of organic compounds
  • learn about the role and possibilities of microorganisms in the degradation of organic compounds
  • acquire engineering knowledge of the previously applied microbial degradation processes of organic compounds
  • learn / know how to dispose of waste material
  • learn about the importance of sorting waste materials, separating organic waste
  • know and be able to practically apply composting knowledge, compost biodegradable materials from households
  • to know the laws that apply in the field of environmental protection
  • adopt and discuss new findings in the field of environmental protection
  • act in an ecologically educational fashion in life and work environment
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