Biotechnology in Environmental Protection

ECTS points:


Course number:
39770 (PT obv); 39783 (BT izb A)

Course Description


  • Environmental protection and the role of biotechnology
  • Microorganisms in environmental protection
  • Wastewater treatment - division, pre-treatment and primary treatment
  • Biological wastewater treatment - aerobic removal of organic ingredients
  • Biological wastewater treatment - removal of inorganic compounds - removal of N
  • Biological treatment of waste water - removal of inorganic compounds - removal of P
  • Sludge disposal
  • Anaerobic removal of organic compounds
  • Biofilm wastewater treatment systems
  • Sources and control of smell, contaminated soil
  • Legislation in Environmental Protection


  • describe environmental pollutants and their impact on the environment and the living world
  • define the products of biotechnological processes in environmental protection, explain the method of disposal of by-products, based on knowledge of legislation and work on the principle of "zero waste technology"
  • explain the biological processes of removal of organic and inorganic compounds from wastewater, and environmental and process factors
  • conduct biological processes of wastewater treatment of different origin on a laboratory scale, interpret and discuss the results (written and oral) of these biological processes
  • comment on problems and reach a conclusion on the effectiveness of biological processes based on knowledge of legislative frameworks
  • select and use appropriate laboratory equipment for biological processes in the field of environmental protection as well as analytical apparatus during biological processes
  • evaluate the importance and role of microorganisms in environmental protection
  • interpret the laws that apply in the field of environmental protection, and to act in an ecologically educational fashion in the living environment
  • apply acquired knowledge as the basis for further education and training in the profession

To enrol in this course, the following course must be completed:

  • Unit Operations
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