Basics of Measurement Methods in Nutrition

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The course is divided into 4 methodological units:

1) Measurements and Measurement Features in Food Science (L / S / E = ​​4/4/3)

2) Impedance as a measurement method for determining body composition and flow measurement (L / S / E = ​​4/6/6)

3) Temperature, acoustics, humidity and radiation and movement of food molecules as important nutrition factors (L / S / E = ​​4/2/6).

4. Seminar exposition (S = 2)


  • collect and store data, with understanding metrics as well as potential measurement errors, of the measurer and / or measurement methods
  • expand and deepen their knowledge of basic principles of measurement methods in food science that will enable the students better interpretation and metric  analyses based on measurement precision and accuracy
  • critically evaluate the applicability of certain measurement procedures and the data processing
  • analyse relationships of experimental data using specific computer skills
  • practical application of different computer programs (such as Excel and Statistica) in processing and analysing measured data
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