Process Control in Food Industry

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  1. System approach and control system
  2. Izomorph system model
  3. Process – measuring sensor, transducer, control devices
  4. Basics of process control, control loops, feed forward and back propagation
  5. Methamatical model of process control with application in food industry
  6. Control theory
  7. Process control principles, automatic stabilisation
  8. Adaptable process control , predictive control
  9. Intelligent process control
  10. Nonlinear control
  11. Controllers, governors
  12. Regulation loops, servo loops
  13. Regulators
  14. Process control in unit operations and food industry processes
  15. Programable control


  • apply gained knowledge as basis for workin the food industry and communication with other professions to design industry plants and implement process control
  • apply gained knowledge to improve and lead process control and unit operation in food and related technologies
  • apply gained knowledge for process control in industrial plants
  • recognize process control components in food industry
  • design process control systems
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