Measurement and Process Control

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  • Introduction to the course; Basic features of measurement and control of biotechnological processes
  • Basics of measurement, metrology; calibration; traceability; measurement errors, legal regulations
  • Introduction to process measurements
  • Measuring Transmitters - Selection and General Features
  • Measurement of Physics variables in the BT process - level, flow, pressure, temperature
  • Measurements for bioreactor control (optical density, respiration ratio, dissolved oxygen, CO2, ...).
  • Automatic FIA measurement systems
  • Process automatization, process control, biotechnological processes control
  • The Dynamics of  1st Order System
  • Parameter regulation in BT process - examples - level, pH, turbidimeter)
  • The Dynamics of 2nd Order System
  • Application of artificial intelligence algorithms for monitoring and control of biotechnological processes.


  • interpret the basic concepts of measurement systems for computer control of processes
  • calculate measurement errors and calibration parameters.
  • apply chemometric methods for control of biotechnological processes
  • choose the appropriate interfaces to connect the computer with measurement instrumentation in BT process
  • analyze linearity of the system using the transfer functions of basic technological operations in biotechnology.
  • analyze the stability of process control
  • formatting PID controller parameters for higher-level system models with time delay.

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed:

  • Transport Phenomena
  • Unit Operations
  • Numerical Methods and Programming
  • Statistics
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