Principles of Engineering

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24087; 24122

Course Description


Basic concepts in engineering; Basics of technical mechanics;  Strength of Materials, Deformation of materials in the food process and biotechnological process, properties, characterization and testing; Pipes and pipelines and devices and auxiliary equipment for fluid transport in the technological process (FT and BT). Transport equipment in the food technology and biotechnology process (transport lines, elevators, conveyors ...);

Introduction to Technical Thermodynamics. Introduction to basic thermodynamic states. Heat state balances, balance of mass and energy; Circular processes, laws of Thermodynamics, Mollier's Diagram.


First part of course

  • Define basic concepts in engineering Explain basic concepts related to Solid Body Mechanics (Statics and Science of Material Strength) and Fluid Mechanics
  • Apply graphical and analytical procedures in solving simpler problems in the field of solid body mechanics and fluid mechanics.
  • Identify different types of construction and packaging materials for the industry
  • Describe the mode of operation of basic transport equipment (transport lines, elevators, conveyors ...) in  FT and BT industry.

Second part of course

  • Define basic terms closely related to thermodynamic changes in systems (especially in food production).
  • Apply basic principles of thermodynamics in the broader field of engineering courses.
  • Differentiate and compare Thermodynamic Laws (I, II, III) as well as the ability to perform work and circular processes (Carnot, Ericsson, Stirling).
  • Categorize changes in aggregate states depending on thermodynamic parameters.
  • Solve thermodynamic problems and draw them in a graphical interface (Mollier Diagram).
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