Robotics in Food Engineering

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Introduction to robotics; Robots in the food industry- generally; Development of the robotic systems
Industrial Robotics; development: flexible automatization;  robots in the industry
Geometry and kinematics of robot mechanisms; theory of mechanisms;Measurement and Control Systems of Robots; Dynamics of robots; dynamic models; robotic grippers-especeally for fod material and hygenic design
Intelligent sensory in robots system for recognizing the shape and feel of tactile force. Fundamentals of hardware and software of robots. Kinematic and dynamic models of robots. Planning and control of mobile robots. Intelligent systems for computer vision and tactile force
Final and control equipment for proces operation and quality; sensors in robotics A/D; D/A.

Robotic motion planning and control; transmission of material servicing machines; robotized instalation
Process Operations; robots in quality control of final products. Cooperation of robots and man on production floor. Robots with artificial intelligence.


  • interpret basic concepts in the field of robotics - classification and basic structure
  • analyze the geometry and kinematics of the robot mechanism
  • suggest the type of gripper with regard to food product and robot accommodation in each process operation
  • suggest the application of appropriate sensor systems for recognizing the shape and contact forces
  • suggest the type of robot for use in quality control of food products
  • analyze the robot action with artificial intelligence.
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