Scientific and Technology Projects

ACTIVE RESEARCH PROJECTS (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports)
No. Project Head Project theme
1 Ivan Krešimir Svetec Palindromes in the genomes and mechanisms of gene replacement in yeast
2 Slobodan Barbarić Gene expression in yeast: Control of transcription by chromatin remodeling
3 Irena Colić-Barić Nutrition, homocysteine and bone quality
4 Srđan Novak Use of integrated bioprocesses in lactic acid production
5 Vladimir Mrša Molecular mechanisms for secretion and incorporation of homologous and
 heterologous proteins in the yeast cell wall
6 Jasna Franekić-Čolić Influence of mutagens and antimutagens on molecular procesess in cell
7 Duška Ćurić Lignans in cereals, oilseeds, soybeans and grain bakery products
8 Božidar Šantek Hybrid integrated bioprocesses and sustainability of organic solvents production
9 Jagoda Šušković Probiotics, prebiotics and functional starter cultures
10 Želimir Kurtanjek Mathematical modeling, optimisation and process control in biotechnology
11 Vesna Lelas New processing techniques in the production of functional foods
12 Branka Levaj Changes of high ingredients during processing of selected fruits
13 Rajka Božanić Sweet and fermented products based on whey or soymilk
14 Ivan Mijatović Waste water treatment and membrane blocking in membrane bioreactor
15 Kata Galić Permeation properties of some polymers used for food packaging
16 Marijana Jukić Eco-friendly synthesis and electrochemical characterization of biologically active compounds
17 Višnja Gaurina-Srček Non-clinical methods for the evaluation of xenobiotics by vertebrate/fish cells
18 Dubravka Škevin Stability of oil and bioactive compounds in oil during processing and storage
19 Damir Ježek Preparations of raw materials and determinations foodstuffs texture properties
20 Branimir Šimić Endocrine disruptors from food and reproductive failures
21 Frane Delaš Mycotoxins in food and feed in the territory of the Republic of Croatia
22 Nada Vahčić Bioactive compounds in foods -changes affected by processing and storage
23 Ivana Radojčić Redovniković Biologically active compounds of local varieties of broccoli and cocoa beans
24 Ingrid Bauman Characterizationa and mixednes definition of powdered materials
25 Mara Banović Stability of bioactive compounds of grapes and wine
26 Branko Tripalo Application of ultrasound in food technology and biotechnology
27 Vesna Stehlik Tomas Production of biologically active substances by selected yeasts
28 Verica Dragović-Uzelac Biologically active compounds in some wild and cultivated plants
29 Daslav Hranueli Generating potential drugs in silico
30 Draženka Komes Stability of alkaloids and polyphenols in food products of plant origin
31 Tibela Landeka Dragičević Biopolymers as the granulated mixed microbial culture
32 Tomislav Petrak Bioimpedance spectroscopy in a system of quality control and food safety
33 Ivan Perić Ratings for functionals on function spaces
34 Veronika Kovač Metallocene bioconjugates, heterocyclic and macromolecules
35 Zorana Grabarić Development of chemometric methods and sensors for determination of different analytes
Active research and development projects from other national sources (UKF, NSF, other state institutions or the local economy), including Head
  • Application of vacuum cooling in food production and lingering freshness (NZZ: 00394502012) Head: PhD, Full Professor Duška Ćurić
  • The "Particle size analysis of raw materials for the production of baby food," a development project funded by Vivero, Head: PhD, Full Professor Damir Ježek
  • Development of devices for the determination of gases in the transformer oil development project funded by Končar Electrical Engineering Institute, Zagreb; Head: PhD, Associate Professor Damir Iveković