PROBION Association of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

PROBION Association of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology was established in 2015 and it has built its foundation on Helix Association (Association of Biotechnology students, est. 2006).

PROBION gathers students of all three courses (Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition) and enables them to exchange ideas, work on projects and practically apply knowledge, which is evident in its name. It is a symbol of cooperation and interdisciplinary action.

Although the Association is still fairly new, it has an enviable amount of realized projects.

PROBION has established its monthly Film Evening, in which they usually show a documentary that is related to their domain and after that, an expert of that area discusses the shown content. Those Evenings are a great way to learn something new and to ask professional questions you want answers to. For example, in academic year 2015/2016 there were showings of: That Sugar Film, Rise of the Superbugs and many more. There are also monthly lectures, such as Bioterrorism, The Role of Ministry of Health in System of Food Safety, How to Recognize False Information About Food in Media, Medical use of Cannabis...

PROBION members make sure to attend this years' Third International Congress of Nutrition Science, Croatian Obesity Forum, Taste and Travel Festival and numerous events that are directly related to their field of knowledge.

Also, PROBION has organized the Series of Workshops: Make Healthy Habits, which has shown to be a success and will be continuing in academic year 2016/2017. Besides organizing similar workshops, the Association has collaborated with other student associations. In May 2016, PROBION and Student Council of University in Zagreb have organized public workshops, lectures and projects about physical health, physical activity, mental health and choosing diet that fits our needs; it was called Nutri Challenge.

To show that PROBION relishes in diversity of projects, the Association has organized a series of lectures about motivation, different ways of studying, stress and the right way of eating and exercising when faced with stressful times. This project was named Motivational Week.

The 15th Annual Brain Awareness Week was held in Croatia this year, and members of the Association were especially active by giving lectures about Food for Brain in 4 elementary schools in Zagreb. The age of pupils was ranging from 9 to 14. It was assured that the lectures were adapted to classes they were held in, and the whole Week was educational and successful.

In direct collaboration with the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, PROBION was a part of Faculty's Open Doors event, in which high school students could visit the Faculty. PROBION made sure to provide them with useful information and interesting showings of lectures and laboratories.

Aside from activities related to the Faculty, PROBION participates in humanitarian work and volunteering and urges other students of the Faculty to gather in these activities, promote their field and make contacts between themselves.

In conclusion, PROBION Association has shown its quality work, desire to educate people and ability to organize numerous events throughout academic year 2015/2016 and it has many more projects coming their way next year. With its excellent leadership and hardworking members, this association makes sure to popularize science and disseminate knowledge and current topics in the world of food technology, biotechnology and nutrition science.

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