Međunarodni poslijediplomski program pod financijskim pokroviteljstvom Dukata

Poziv za magistre inženjere i magistre nutricioniste za diplomski studij u Francuskoj
EFA Recruitment Announcement CROATIA 2018_HR

Želite li karijeru u sektoru mljekarstva u međunarodnoj kompaniji?
Jeste li otvoreni prema učenju novog jezika i novim izazovima?
U tom slučaju, ovo je ponuda za vas!

Nudimo magisterij pod financijskim pokroviteljstvom Dukata d.d., člana Lactalis grupe, i stručno osposobljavanje u Lactalisu, vodećoj francuskoj kompaniji za proizvodnju mlijeka i mliječnih proizvoda.

EFA Recruitment Announcement CROATIA 2018_HR

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ESA is an agricultural HEI which delivers degrees at several levels  from two year technical diplomas through to the  5 year ingéneiur degree ( equivalent of a MSc) and we also have doctoral students who undertake research in one of  our 5 research labs.

The English version of our website can be found at this link:

The I²FA program is a MSc which is best thought of as a Company Sponsored training program in which the graduates earn the ESA  ingéneiur degree  ( equivalent of an MSc) by apprenticeship while being trained to take up a post with the company which finances their studies and their time in France.


 French companies in the agricultural  sector operating abroad use this program as a means of training local people for management positions on their international sites – which is a more efficient means of managing human resources than sending out expensive French expatriate mangers who may not necessarily  speak  the local language or  understand the culture and who will invariably  want to go home after a certain period of time.  

The I²Fa program trains “cultural bridges” who have the local culture and can transfer the strategy, technical know-how etc. of the headquarters in France to their sites abroad.  The program has existed since 2002 and we have trained  205  students from 30 countries for 33 French companies.


A major actor in the program is Groupe Lactalis , the owner of DULAT in Croatia.   Their group site  is here:


We have trained about 120 of our students in the I²FA program for Lactalis – including 5 Croatians – and they want to recruit another Food Science graduate for the 2018-2020 cycle.


I am looking for  recent graduates in  Food Science   who would be willing to come to France for 2.5 years.  The program begins in April 2018  with  5 months of intensive French lessons .  In August 2018 the program proper begins –  2 years in our 4th and 5th year Master cycle by apprenticeship.  Apprenticeship means that the student spends  half the time in the company and half the time in ESA.  Apprenticeship is built around practical training combined with academic input.


At the end of the training period in France I²FA graduates return to their home countries   and work in an entry level management position on a Lactalis site for a minimum of 2.5 years – and of course we hope they will build a very successful career with The Lactalis Group ! Over half of my Lactalis graduates  are still with the company 5 years after the end of the program .  My graduates tell me that the program has  offered them a fast track career path within the biggest cheese company in the world - which for ambitions young people is an attractive proposition.


The profile I am looking for is:

-          4 years minimum study in Food Sciences, Nutrition, microbiology, biology, chemistry or another life science

-          Motivated by a career in industry

-          Willing to step very far out of their comfort zone!!

-          Willing to learn French

EFA Recruitment Announcement CROATIA 2018

ESA I²FA Brochure 2016

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