International studies

  • Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is involved in a joint study of the University of Zagreb and the University of Orlean in the field of Molecular Biotechnology

Starting from 2009, the University of Zagreb has been involved into the joint graduate studies in Biotechnology (“Bioindustrial Techniques”), jointly organised with the University of Orléans. These joint studies are based on the contract signed by the two Universities, which includes general provisions on bilateral collaboration, as well as the Annex to the Contract containing the study curriculum. The programme is available to 5 Molecular Biotechnology FFTB students and 5 Molecular Biology students of the Faculty of Science (abbreviated: FOS) University of Zagreb. In case of a lack of interest on either Faculty, the quota can be met by students of the other one. The curriculum of the first graduate year matches the one of the parental Faculties, while the curriculum of the second graduate year matches that of the University of Orléans. Second year classes mainly take place in Zagreb, and partly engage FFTB and FOS faculty teachers, while the rest is delivered by the Orléans faculty teachers that come to Zagreb as visiting professors via the ERASMUS Programme. A smaller number of classes (mostly laboratory practicals for which no adequate equipment is available in Zagreb) is held in Orléans during the first 4 weeks of each academic year. After that, the students complete their 5-month internships supported by the ERASMUS scholarships, mostly in France (but not necessarily in Orléans). Such an internship is regarded as an equivalent to our graduate thesis and is defended in Zagreb in early July before the board composed of teachers of both Universities (via videoconference). The graduation ceremony is also held in Zagreb in the presence of the Rector of the University of Zagreb, the representative of the President of the University of Orléans, and the French Ambassador in Zagreb. On the occasion, the students receive both the Diploma of the University of Orléans and the Diploma of our University. The lectures are delivered in English; however, at the beginning of the studies the students take a short course in French so as to make their stay in Orléans easier. Persons in charge of the implementation of these studies are the Study Coordinators Prof Daniel Hagege, PhD, at Orléans, Prof Višnja Besendorfer, PhD, at the FOS and Prof Vladimir Mrša, PhD, at FFTB Zagreb.

  • The international specialist Food Management study programme

Within 2005-2008 timeframe and owing to the TEMPUS CD-JEP–19068–2004 Programme, the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology established the international specialist Food Management study programme. In the first two study years lectures were mostly delivered by foreign lecturers, but later on these duties have been assumed by our faculty members. Nevertheless, the Study Programme has managed to keep its international profile, together with the possibility of enrolling foreign students and giving lectures in English.

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