Project Office

Maja Cipek, mag.

Phone: + 385 91 619 1858, Email:


Project Office of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is established with the purpose of systematic monitoring, registering and analysis of ongoing project data and activities, as well as providing advisory and administrative support during project proposals and implementation, aiming to ensure high quality research projects, scientific cooperation and visibility and competitiveness of the Faculty.

The main activities of the Office comprise collecting and distribution of assembled information aimed to inform the Faculty members and employees on the existing possibilities for financing of scientific and research projects, as well as currently opened calls for project proposals. The Office conducts official communication and collaboration with the authorized regulatory bodies in the system of management and control of funds and assists in the coordination and communication with partners, provides advisory support related to intelectual property rights realized throughout the implemented projects and coordinates the preparation of templates and supplements for project documentation in all phases of project application and implementation.

Compliant with the systematic monitoring of opened and announced calls for proposals, the Office participates at workshops and informative events related to specific calls and organizes and conducts educational activites regarding specific procedures on the application and implementation of projects.

The Office also participates in the activities of preparation and implementation of scientific and research strategy of the Faculty, provides technical and administrative assistance to the Board for Science of the Faculty and conducts all other obligations related to enhancing the quality of scientific and research work.

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