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Teaching staff of the Department of Food Technology Engineering is involved in all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Some staff members are also engaged in teaching at other field related faculties of Croatian universities. Research at the Department is carried out through a number of research projects whose aim is the improvement and development of novel processes and technologies for production of various food products, especially functional foods. Studies are focused on the development and application of ultrasound treatments, high hydrostatic pressure, tribomechanic micronization, membrane processes, low temperatures processes (freezing), extrusion and other processes, all with the aim of improving the quality of the already existing and developing new food products and also food packaging. Investigations are carried out in the field of various food technologies, such as milk and dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, confectionary products, oils, fats, fruit and vegetable products, wine, strong alcoholic beverages, water, bakery, and other products. In addition, an active research is carried out in the field of technological and waste water processing of food and other food related industries. In all investigations the most modern methods of process monitoring and product quality control are applied. The Department research is done in its own semi-plant laboratory as well as in the central chemical and instrumental laboratory equipped with all necessary instruments. Beside scientific activities, the Department has developed a substantial collaboration with food industries with the purpose of solving various problems in food processes, development of new technologies and products, as well as of creating technological projects for processing and the production of various food products.



Laboratories and Cabinets
Laboratory for drying Technologies and monitoring of biologically active compounds
Laboratory for Food Processes Engineering
Laboratory for Meat and Fish Technology
Laboratory for Technology of Fruits and Vegetables Preservation and Processing
Laboratory for Technology of Milk and Milk Products
Laboratory for Chemistry and Technology of Carbohydrates and Confectionery Products
Laboratory for Cereal Chemistry and Technology
Laboratory for Oil and Fat Technology
Laboratory for the Biological Waste Water Treatment
Laboratory for Water Technology
Laboratory for Technology and Analysis of Wine
Section for Food Plant Design
Laboratory for Fermentation and Yeast Technology
Laboratory for Food Packaging


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Mara Banović PhD Full Professor
Rajka Božanić PhD Full Professor
Duška Ćurić PhD Full Professor
Verica Dragović-Uzelac PhD Full Professor
Kata Galić PhD Full Professor
Zoran Herceg PhD Full Professor
Damir Karlović PhD Full Professor
Draženka Komes PhD Full Professor
Karin Kovačević Ganić PhD Full Professor
Marin Matošić PhD Full Professor
Helga Medić PhD Full Professor
Dubravka Škevin PhD Full Professor
Branka Levaj PhD Associate Professor
Anet Režek Jambrak PhD Associate Professor
Suzana Rimac Brnčić PhD Associate Professor
Sanja Vidaček Filipec PhD Associate Professor
Sandra Balbino PhD Assistant Professor
Irena Barukčić PhD Assistant Professor
Danijela Bursać Kovačević PhD Assistant Professor
Josip Ćurko PhD Assistant Professor
Natka Ćurko PhD Assistant Professor
Nikolina Čukelj PhD Assistant Professor
Tibela Landeka Dragičević PhD Assistant Professor
Katarina Lisak Jakopović PhD Assistant Professor
Jasna Mrvčić PhD Assistant Professor
Dubravka Novotni PhD Assistant Professor
Sandra Pedisić PhD Assistant Professor
Damir Stanzer PhD Assistant Professor
Mario Ščetar PhD Assistant Professor
Tomislava Vukušić PhD Assistant Professor
Dijana Grgas Uhlik PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Predrag Putnik PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Marija Badanjak Sabolović PhD Scientific Assistant
Ana Belščak-Cvitanović PhD Scientific Assistant
Ivona Elez Garofulić PhD Scientific Assistant
Tibor Janči PhD Scientific Assistant
Klara Kraljić PhD Scientific Assistant
Stela Križanović PhD Scientific Assistant
Mia Kurek PhD Scientific Assistant
Nives Marušić Radovčić PhD Scientific Assistant
Marko Obranović PhD Scientific Assistant
Maja Repajić PhD Scientific Assistant
Marina Tomašević PhD Scientific Assistant
Bojana Voučko PhD Scientific Assistant
Arijana Bušić mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Višnja Stulić mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Tea Štefanac mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Aleksandra Vojvodić Cebin BSc Scientific Assistant
Zoran Zorić PhD Research Assistant
Vanja Lovrić mag. ing. Research Assistant
Vlado Crnek mag. ing. Senior Technical Associate
Sanja Lončarić mag. ing. Senior Technical Associate
Biserka Ščurić Technical Associate
Snježana Šimunić Technical Associate
Lidija Drobac univ. bacc. ing. Technical Associate
Tomislav Lovrić PhD professor emeritus

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Basics of Food Technology 32429 (N), 39767 (PT) 5
Biotechnology in Environmental Protection 39770 (PT obv); 39783 (BT izb A) 4
Chemistry and Technology of Cereals 39790, 53289 10
Chemistry and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables 39791; 53738 10
Chemistry and Technology of Meat and Fish 53737 10
Food Extrusion Technologies 39800 3
Food Preparation Processes 39844 8
Food Preservation Processes 39768 5
Food Process Engineering 1 39766 8
Introduction to Food Technologies 24090 2
Legislation in Food Quality Control 32440 3
Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables 39802 3
Non-Alcoholic Refreshing Beverages 39798 3
Physical properties of complecs systems-foods 32406 5
Poultry and Eggs Science and Technology 39799 3
Processing of Olives and Quality Control of Products 39856 3
Production of Strong Spirit Beverages 39862 3
Raw materials for food industry 24199 i 64882 3 i 4
Spices and Aromatic Plants 39858 3
Technology of Alcohol and Yeast Production 39784; 53705 4
Water Technology (FT) 64885 4
Water Technology (BT) 32422 4

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food packaging 4
Shelf Life of Packaged Foodstuffs 3

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Bioremediation and biological processes for wastewater treatment 3
Biotechnological production of alcohol and biomass of microorganisms 3
Dietary fiber as functional food ingredients 3
Food additives 3
Food Packaging Materials and Methods 3
Food Processes Engineering 5
Food Production –An integrated approach 5 ECTS
Functional food 5
Meat science and technology 3
Membrane processes in water treatment 3
Natural sources of phytochemicals in the diet 3
Organic food production 3 ECTS
Processing technologies of fish and molluscs 3
Technologies in fruit and vegetable processing 3
Technology of carbohydrates and confectionery products 3
Technology of cereals 3 ECTS
Technology of fermented milk, cheese and whey protein production 3
Technology of gluten-free food 3
The chemistry and technology of oils and fats 3
Wine technology 3