Technologies in fruit and vegetable processing

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The application of new technologies and enrichment by some ingredients during manufacture of high valuable final products. Overview of general products of fruits and vegetables and the usual technological processes.  Overview of scientific results of application of new technologies like high hydrostatic pressure, pulsed electric field, microwaves, ultraviolet light in processing of fruits and vegetables. Overview of biologically active compounds of fruits and vegetables (phytochemicals) and raw materials that are particularly rich in certain phytochemicals. Minimally processed fruits and vegetables or "like fresh" and "ready to eat" products. Main factors in manufacturing such products as raw materials, in particular species, varieties, degree of ripeness as well as the selection and implementation of unit operations and the selection of sanitizers, anti-browning agents and natural preservatives. Packaging of minimally processed fruits and vegetables (packaging, application of vacuum and modified atmosphere). HACCP in such facilities. Legislation for the production of minimally processed fruits and vegetables.


  • Identify the impact of certain technological operations and parameters on the success of fruit and vegetable processing and on certain properties of the final product
  • connect the importance of the chemical composition and biological value of certain species and / or varieties of fruit and vegetables intended for processing and processing conditions to the composition and properties of the product
  • critically examine scientific results related to the application of novel technologies in the processing of fruits and vegetables
  • recommend appropriate technological process of minimally processed certain fruit and / or vegetables, from the selection of raw materials to final product, based on the results of scientific and professional literature


lecture 10 hours

seminar 0 hours

exercise 10 hours

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