Laboratory for Food Processes Engineering


Zoran Herceg, PhD

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The Laboratory was developed from the Department of General Chemistry and Food Technology of the Faculty of Technology at the time, and was originally called Laboratory for General Technology of Foodstuffs. The first head of the Laboratory was Prof. Božidar Rogina, PhD (1956-1965). From the academic year 1964/65, the head of Laboratory was Prof. Ivo Milostić, PhD, who served as head until 1978. That same year, the Laboratory changed its name to the Laboratory for Food Processes Engineering, and Prof. Tomislav Lovrić, PhD, became the head of the Laboratory. He introduced a new subject at the undergraduate course called Basic processes in the food industry. This subject was taught by Prof. Tomislav Lovrić. PhD, and the senior lecturer Zvonimir Gerić, while the practical exercises were taught by, at that time the assistants, Luka Goldoni, PhD and Vesna Hegedušić, PhD (today Lelas). With the implementationof a new curriculum, in 1980, new subjects were introduced: Processes in the food industry with the basics of food technology, and Processes practice. In 1986, a new subject Food preparation processes was introduced at degrees VI and VII of the studies, whose coordinator was Prof. Vesna Hegedušić, PhD (Lelas). In 1991, the head of the Laboratory for Food Processes Engineering became Prof. Vesna Hegedušić (Lelas), who held this position until 2013. By introducing a new curriculum and study programme according to the Bologna Declaration in the academic year 2005/06, new modules in undergraduate and graduate studies were introduced - Food processes engineering 1, Food processes engineering 2, Food preservation processes, Physical properties of complex systems and New foods, and current teaching staff of the Laboratory are the coordinators. Since 2013, the head of the Laboratory is Prof. Zoran Herceg, PhD.

In the Laboratory, the honorary title of professor emeritus was awarded to Prof. Tomislav Lovrić, PhD.



Name and surname Academic title Job title
Zoran Herceg PhD Full Professor
Tomislava Vukušić Pavičić PhD Associate Professor
Višnja Stulić PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Mia Ivanov mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Mislav Herceg Technical Associate

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food Preservation Processes 39768 5
Food Process Engineering 1 39766 8

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Development of new products in food industry 253079 3
Food Process Engineering 2 53685 5
Innovative food processing techniques 239534 5

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food Processes Engineering 165667 5
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