Food Process Engineering 2

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Material and energy balance of thermal processes (pasteurization, sterilization, evaporation). Cooling and freezing processes: material and energy balance. Basic membrane separation – heat and mass transfer (equipment and application).. Extrusion - heat and mass transfer. Effect on foods. Heat processing by direct and radiated energy. Dielectric heating – theory, equipment, applications. Ohmic heating - theory, equipment, applications. Infrared heating - theory, equipment, applications. Processing foods using pulsed electric field - theory, equipment.  Processing foods using high hydrostatic pressure - theory, equipment.  Processing foods using ultrasound - theory, equipment.  Processing foods using pulsed light - theory, equipment.  Specific preparations of food. Packaging of food – theory, types of packaging materials, interactions between packaging and foods, environmental considerations. Food handling, storage and distribution.

Practices and seminars:

Extrusion (field work), Heat and mass transfer of extrusion (seminar), Infrared heating of foods, Influence of ultrasound on foods.  Specific preparations of food (field work), High-bay warehouse (field work). Problems of handling equipments and distributions of foods (seminar)


  • explain and present the specifics of new food processing methods and define the concept of minimally processed food
  • know and apply innovative techniques and processes in food processing and preservation
  • create material and energy balances of innovative processes
  • analyze the impact of applied processing and conservation on the chemical composition of food products and the potential impact of packaging
  • recommended new production process parameters to improve production and improve existing technology processes
  • propose the purchase of new process equipment and production lines in order to improve the business of the company
  • select the specific packaging material needed to food package obtained by new processing methods
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