Management and Governance

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Management bodies of the Faculty are the Dean and the Faculty Council and the consulting body for business matters is Collegium consisting of the dean, the vice-deans, the chairs of departments, and the general secretary.

The Dean acts as the head of the institution whose jurisdiction is stipulated by the Article 15 of the Faculty Statute:

(1)   Dean acts as a head of the Faculty and unites the academic and the management function at the Faculty. The sign of the dean’s honour is the dean’s chain.

(2)   Dean represents and procures the Faculty

(3)   Dean is deputised in his absence by the vice-dean or the person authorised by him

(4)   Dean can, through a general or specialised power of attorney, transfer his authorisation of representation of the Faculty to other faculty members. Content and range of such power of attorney is defined by the dean. For issuing a general power of attorney the dean has to obtain concordance of the Faculty Council.

(5)   Dean chairs the Faculty Council sessions, prepares, convenes and conducts the sessions and assures the implementation of decisions and conclusions of Faculty bodies and performs all other business defined by laws, this Statute and the Constitution of the University of Zagreb.

(6)   Dean maintains the decisions of the Senate and the Council of the Biotechnical Field

(7)   Dean, along with the tasks mentioned in paragraphs 5 and 6 of this Article:

  • Constitutes business and other activities of the Faculty
  • Takes business decisions on behalf and in the name of the Faculty up to the amount of 1.000.000,00 kn. For legal acts up to the amount of 3.000.000,00 kn the dean requires concordance of the Faculty Council. Above this amount the dean required the concordance of the Senate
  • Takes care of assurance of finances for activities and development of the Faculty
  • Decides on investments and equipment procurements at the Faculty
  • Reports to the Faculty Council on decisions of the university bodies, corresponding ministries, National board for high education, National scientific board etc.
  • Appoints and deposes members of permanent and ad hoc committees for accomplishing individual matters within his jurisdiction. The number of committee members and the scope of their activities are defined by the appointment decision
  • Decides on establishment and termination of employment and takes decisions on allocation of employees at the Faculty in accordance with the law, Constitution of the University, this Statute, and general ordinances of the University and the Faculty
  • Submits the annual report on his activities and the business activities of the Faculty to the Faculty Council, rector and to the Senate

(8)   In cases when the dean takes decisions for which administrative procedure is foreseen, or a two-step decision, in the first step the vice-deans or the general secretary are liable and in the second step the dean is responsible.

Interim Dean: Branka Levaj, PhD


Vice-deans and the general secretary help the dean in performing his tasks.

Vice-dean for education performs and manages all the tasks connected with conductance, survey, analysis and up-grade of all study programmes at undergraduate and graduate level. Vice dean for tuition chairs the Tuition Board which helps him execute his duties, and should he find appropriate, he can form ad hoc work groups to help him execute particular tasks outside the range of his regular duties. He particularly takes care of activities foreseen by the annual „Plan of Faculty activities in the field of quality assurance“. Vice-dean for education manages the activities of the Office for students and directly contacts students and their representatives with the aim of solving particular problems connected with the tuition process. He regularly reports to the Faculty Council on his activities, as well as on those of the Committee for Education at the regular Council sessions, and by submitting the annual report.

Interim Vice-dean for Education: Ana Vukelić, PhD


Vice-dean for science chairs the Committee on Science and, together with the Committee, monitors and analyses the realisation of research activities defined by the Faculty's strategy. He prepares and assures bringing into power all ordinances and criteria foreseen by the quality assurance system for research activities. He regularly surveys and analyses procedures of elections for the research positions and accordingly moves changes and amendments to „Additional criteria” of the Faculty in the process of promotions to research positions in order to assure quality level of published papers according to international recognition standards and to promote scientific excellence on occasions of promotions to highest positions as well as in processes of premature promotions. In collaboration with the vice-dean for international relations he promotes all forms of international collaboration in frame of research projects. He proposes criteria for awarding faculty members' scientific excellence to achieve higher motivation for quality research bringing about Faculty's international recognition, as well as the recognition of the University of Zagreb as the educational institution which leans its study programmes on the own scientific contribution. He regularly reports to the Faculty Council on his activities, as well as on those of the Committee on Science at the regular Council sessions, and by submitting the annual report.

Interim Vice-dean for Science: Ivana Radojčić Redovniković, PhD

General Secretary is the head of the General issues unit which is in charge of management, administrative and technical issues at the Faculty. On top of it, he provides expert legal opinions and explanations on the implementation of laws and other legal issues to the dean and the Faculty Council, he formulates proposals of general ordinances and is liable for performance of legal, administrative and other general tasks at the Faculty.

General Secretary:


The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is an expert body of the Faculty elected according to Article 19 of the Statute of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology.

Members of the Council are:

  • Employees occupying research&education positions
  • Employees occupying lecturing positions
  • Representatives of assistants/associates
  • Representatives of students
  • Representative of the Food Control Centre


The Faculty Council performs these tasks:

  1. adopts the Statute of the Faculty and all other faculty documents
  2. elects the dean and vice-deans,
  3. elects the members of the Area council and University Senate,
  4. accepts the annual report of the Dean,
  5. adopts the budget and balance sheet,
  6. makes decisions regarding quality assurance of study programmes and scientific research,
  7. initiates the procedure of adoption and monitors the implementation of study programmes, scientific projects, and gives opinions on the proposed study programmes
  8. establishes new and develops existing research capacities at the level of the appropriate scientific discipline
  9. initiates and implements procedures of election and re-election in academic ranks, in accordance with the Law and the Statute of the University,
  10. ensures the conditions for freedom of initiative of individuals and groups of researchers, teachers and students in scientific, educational and professional activities,
  11. gives an opinion on the acquisition, installation and use of heavy equipment at the University in areas of its operations,
  12. grants approval to the Dean for taking legal action in behalf of the Faculty for values between 1 and 3 million HRK
  13. performs other tasks stipulated by law, this Statue and University Statute.
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