Centre for Food Technology and Biotechnology, Zadar


Sandra Pedisić, PhD

Phone: + 385 23 331 077
Email: spedisic@pbf.hr

Since 2007, there is Centre for Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zadar which is a part of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb. A Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology, a Laboratory for drying processes and for monitoring the stability of biologically active compounds are to be found in the Centre and the Laboratory for quality control of honey was founded in 2015. Within the scientific and EU projects the research work includes fields of interest of food producers from the broader region of Zadar County, such as genotypization of organisms, production of various food products, the determination of biologically active compounds and other food ingredients and food quality control. The permanent employees of the Centre for Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zadar are PhD Sandra Pedisić and PhD Zoran Zorić while other employees are employed on projects implemented within the above mentioned laboratories.


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Sandra Pedisić PhD Assistant Professor
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