The Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology offers three undergraduate study tracks, as follows:

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Nutrition
  3. Food Technology

In addition, five graduate study tracks are in place:

  1. Graduate Study of Food Engineering
  2. Graduate Study of Food Safety Management
  3. Graduate Study of Bioprocess Engineering
  4. Graduate Study of Molecular Biotechnology
  5. Graduate Study of Nutrition

Two graduate studies - Molecular Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering represent the continuation of Biotechnology undergraduate studies, while the graduate studies in Nutrition Science represent the continuation of the homonymous undergraduate studies. Food Engineering and Food Safety Management represent the continuation of Food Technology undergraduate studies. Such a division into various study tracks allows the undergraduates, who have successfully completed their studies, to either take a job or to continue with the correspondent or kindred graduate studies at any given Croatian or foreign university providing such a tuition. Similarly, graduate studies offered by our Faculty can be entered by students who have completed correspondent undergraduate studies at other academic institutions or correspondent vocational studies at various colleges. Student transfer from vocational to university studies is possible provided that they successfully pass the Entrance Exam. Dependent on the curriculum of undergraduate studies the candidate had completed, additional entrance requirements in terms of enrolment into differentials can be imposed on entrants.

Following the completion of their graduate studies, graduates can enter into some of the postgraduate studies offered by the Faculty:

  1. Postgraduate Specialist Studies in Food Quality and Safety
  2. Postgraduate University Doctoral Study Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Food Technology and Nutrition
  3. Postgraduate Specialist Studies in Food Management