Molecular Biotechnology

In the field of modern biotechnology the presence of new technologies, based on the scientific breakthrough of molecular genetics, cell biology and engineering, and, in the near future, of nanotechnology has been emphasized. Therefore, a close relation between the teaching process andthe work on scientific research projects at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, which will enable the developing of abilities for individual and creative work in the fields of research and development, is expected.

The proposed graduate study is a direct continuation of the undergraduate study of biotechnology with the aim of educating experts skilled for performing highly complicated tasks in the field of the research and development of products and processes in modern biotechnology. This programme is, in the first place, conceived on the application of the newest achievements in life science, where it differs from the Graduate study in Biochemical Engineering, where the stress is put on the engineering disciplines.

Coordinator: Ivan-Krešimir Svetec

General information on the study programme

Syllabus - academic year 2019/2020

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